December 18, 2017
by Gabe Turner

The Dosh App Review – How to Make a Quick 10 Bucks (over and over and over…)

Dosh is a really cool app that gives you cash back when shopping at participating stores.

Sure, it has a weird name (Dosh… really??) but it’s actually quite well done and has some major backing behind it. This company is making a move to change the way we shop.

Update (2/13/18): The $15 promotion is over now but the new promotion is for $10 per referral. It lasts until 2/19/18 at 12:00pm PT. After that you’ll receive $5 per referral. 

Dosh App

So far there’s 100,000 stores/restaurants/hotels involved… WalMart, Denny’s, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s etc. etc. etc.

Usually it’s a hassle to save receipts, enter promo codes and stuff to get cash back with deals like these but not with Dosh.

Just shop like you normally do and it loads cash into your account.


AND… they’re running a VERY nice referral promotion right now.

Check this out…

When you download and set up the app with your info… you get $5 right away.

Then, when you share it with others and they do the same… you get TEN BUCKS.

If you’ve ever done these sorts of things before, you know that’s reallllly good.

It’s also probably why they’re only doing this promotion until Feb. 19th, 2018.

So you best get on this thing quick!

I’ve got friends who have already pulled in a few hundred bucks and I’m kicking myself that I missed hearing about this until now.

SO… Tell me more about the Dosh app, Gabe!

Sure thing.

Dosh is similar to what sites like Ibotta, Dubli or Ebates do – getting you cash back on stuff you buy at participating businesses.

Except Dosh makes the process of getting the cash back SO much easier.

Because your debit / credit cards are linked to your Dosh account, they automatically register when you spend money at a participating business.

No more taking pictures of your receipts, entering codes into the website and then waiting forever to see if your info registered in the system.

For example, Denny’s, Quiznos and Jiffy Lube are offering 10% cash back, Forever 21: 5%, Cost Plus: 2%

The biggest savings you’ll find is with booking hotels. It’s really pretty amazing. As in cutting your bill almost in half – amazing.   

Dosh App Companies

So will my info be safe?

Yes. Here’s what you’ll see in the app…

Dosh App Protection

Okay, sounds good! How do I sign up?


2. Enter your info and connect your debit/credit card. Then they drop 5 bucks into your Dosh account. You get a dollar for each additional card you add. You may add an unlimited number of cards.

**UPDATE: In order to complete the registration process, users need to sign up and click “Resend Code.”

**UPDATE (12/22/17): Prepaid cards are no longer accepted in the app. Dosh accepts bank-issued Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. Their website says they will continue to evaluate how they can incorporate prepaid cards on the platform in the future.

**Users must have a US-based (non-VoIP) phone number

3. Make sure to verify your email address by clicking the link they send you via email.

4. Share your link and start earning 10 bucks each time someone does the same!

*After this promotion is over on 2/19/18 Dosh is giving away $5 per referral. 

Dosh App Cash Back Bonus

So When Do I Get PAID???

When you refer someone to Dosh with your unique link it takes 48 hours for your earnings to show up in your account. I’ve seen it happen in 15 hours but it can vary.

You can cash out once your account reaches $25. Transfer your earnings to PayPal or your bank account.

Bank transfers can take up to 2-5 business days (excluding holidays) to fully post in your account, larger amounts may take up to 5 business days.

You will receive funds from Dosh Holdings, Inc.

So, DOWNLOAD THE APP… get it set up in just a few minutes and start referring others so you can cash in on this sweeeet promotion that’s going on. I’ve already made $52.00 :).

UPDATE (1/16/18): I’ve made $502.00  – I don’t usually use the phrase “easy money” but that was easy! 

Dosh App Payment Proof Pic

Usually they give 5 bucks for referrals (which is good) but TEN???

Come on now…

Time to get excited and make some extra cash!

Check out the screencast of me actually getting paid by Dosh below (minute 6:35)

February 15, 2016
by Gabe Turner

5 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

free amazon gift cards

I got a birthday card in the mail with an Amazon gift card in it the other day. Get this… it was delivered in a cardboard box (that’s it in the picture). Seems a bit much, but… whatever. 

Anyhoo, here are five other ways to get free Amazon gift cards. And you can bypass the whole getting it mailed to you in a box thing, too. Continue Reading →

January 13, 2016
by Gabe Turner

How to be a paid English tutor with the NiceTalk app

LOADS of Chinese students are looking for conversational English partners. 

Would you like to get PAID to help them?

The NiceTalk app is doing just that. English speakers around the world are logging in and getting paid ten dollars an hour to help Chinese students practice conversational English.

Get paid to know English

You can chat as much or as little as you like. One of the top tutors told me he was chatting about 6 hours per day and making as much as $350 per week. So, it can become a pretty decent source of extra income.

I’ve been testing it out and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It feels like I’m getting paid to make new friends and hang out. Already I’ve met one guy who I have a TON in common with and we’ve had 3 long chats! Continue Reading →

October 1, 2015
by Gabe Turner

Internet Marketing Gold: The Swipe-Worthy Online Swipe-File

Can you imagine making millions of bucks from a freaking ad in a magazine? An email? A page on your website?

It’s beautiful…

Write Words… Get Paid.

While one person can write words and hear nothing but crickets…

Another can put words together in such a way that the masses will take action.

Open up their wallets…

and BUY.

Ya think the latter group knows something about putting words together?

Would you like to figure out HOW those words got the results they did?

It can be done. Continue Reading →

July 4, 2015
by Gabe Turner

Ozzie the Rat-Catcher

Remember the two-dollar-bill dude I talked about yesterday?

Well, besides carrying around a man-purse with bricks of two-dollar-bills inside… He kinda looks like “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski.

Hammer pants, flip-flops, long-ish hair, and suuuuuper laid-back.

Not exactly like The Dude… but same vibe.

Oh yeah, he drives a yellow 1980 Toyota Corolla with close to 400,000 miles on it.

We got to talking and he told me about his semi-famous dog. He’s been on the news a few times here in Seattle, apparently.

His name?

Ozzie the Rat Catcher

He’s a Dachshund who’s a rat-catching master.

The city actually has the two-dollar-bill dude bring the pooch down to Pike Place Market (with all the fresh fish, meat and produce it’s rat heaven) to send him on a killing frenzy. Continue Reading →

July 3, 2015
by Gabe Turner

My Crazy Two-Dollar Bill Giveaway

I saw a guy in a store once pull out two huge bricks of two dollar bills and lay them on the counter.

He carried them in a little over-the-shoulder satchel… or man-purse, if you will.

And he paid for 40 bucks of gas… all with two dollar bills.

It took a while to count out… but it was kinda cool.

Nobody else does that, right?

I asked him how much those bricks of twos amounted to and he said around 3 – 4,000 bucks.


2 dollar bill Continue Reading →

June 23, 2015
by Gabe Turner

What Makes People Click? (How to Write Great Headlines)

When I first started posting videos to YouTube I was pretty clueless.

I figured as long as I recorded an interesting video that was enough to get TONS of people to watch it.


As the months went by I was pretty annoyed by how little views I was getting. I’d put all that work in and for what?

But… One of my videos kept getting watched by people all over the world. It’s still my third most popular one.

The title?

“My One Major Takeaway from going to Berklee College of Music” Continue Reading →