A sneaky YouTube trick that makes me cash every day


I was doing some late night YouTube surfing a while ago and came across this kid who pulls in $400/month messing around with silly apps on his iphone.

Well, I had to try.

Is it a good return for the time spent? Maybe not… But one of the apps is 99% brainless and I’ll definitely keep using that one.

I run it all day on my old iphone and my kid’s tablet.

It’s just sitting on the shelf and yet it’s going to keep me in Amazon gift cards for a long time.

But this post isn’t about making money with your phone.

It’s about how I’m using this information to drive people to my fiftybucksfast.com page. So I can make quite a bit more than a slow ten bucks a week with an app.

[You can do this, too, with your own page, blog, or whatever… so listen closely.]

I turned around and made my own YouTube video talking about the simple phone strategies. Just sharing some simple, yet valuable, things I learned from someone else just a few weeks before.

But, I sneakily added a “Hey, if you’re interested in these sorts of strategies for extra cash you should check out this other thing. It’s called the Fast First Fifty and kind of leaves these other things in the dust.”

It’s been working like a charm.

And it’s not really that sneaky. You’ve heard & seen stuff like it every day of your life.

They’re called commercials.

Share some valuable / entertaining info on whatever “channel” you like (YouTube, blog, Periscope, Instagram, etc.) and add a little commercial at the end.

As long as your content has genuine value, the audience shouldn’t care too much if you throw in a casual/non-desperate sounding message at the end. It helps if that offer has value as well (i.e. Something people actually WANT, like fifty bucks in their PayPal by tomorrow. Not just “Hey go check out my random MLM company page!” Um… no.)

And the beauty of YouTube is…

You make these vids once and they stay there for years.

Like your personal salesmen pitching for you over and over and over.

Check it…

UPDATE (11/12/15): It’s been over 13 months since I made that video and at 36,578 views it’s my most popular one yet. That’s pretty good even though the first app I mention doesn’t even exist yet. The PerkTV app is still around, but… now I tend to use some of the other Perk apps like Perk Word Search and Perk Pop Quiz.

For more videos like this go subscribe to my channel. I’m always looking out for more ways to make some extra cash and I share about those there.

Of course, to get access to the strategy I used to get $50 in my PayPal within 24 hours…

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