How big does my list have to be to start emailing it?


If you’re just starting out with email marketing and your list is small DO NOT wait until it gets bigger to start mailing it…

As soon as someone signs up for your list, that’s the time when they’re most aware of you. If all they get is your free giveaway (or whatever) and you disappear for 2-3 weeks until you “feel inspired” to write something there’s a pretty good chance they’re not going to remember WHO you are and WHY they signed up to get your emails.

The easiest thing to do is to set up an autoresponder sequence so they are guaranteed to get something from you for at least a few days after opt-ing in. The more emails in that sequence, the better.

So don’t wait…

Check out what Ben Settle (the King of daily emails) has to say,

“If you have a list with ten people on it you should be mailing it regularly, putting emails up on your blog, the search engines will like that and the list will grow on its own.”

Jeff Walker started out with a list of 19 people (some of them personal friends). He emailed them and, eventually, built it into a major asset for his business. One of his readers said, “For me to have any kind of impact… I’m gonna at least need 5,000 people on my list. And to be realistic, I’m gonna need 10,000 people on my list… and it will take forever to get that many people… the idea of starting to build a list is really daunting.”

Jeff says that kind of thinking is flawed in so many ways, listen to his answer below…

Jeff’s #1 rule is… only sell stuff that the market really wants.

His #2 rule… Always Be Building Your List

“Those two rules have been responsible for all my success”

It’s good to have many different ways for people to subscribe to your list. This free tool is the latest addition to my listbuilding strategy. With an irresistible offer and several tested, done-for-you opt-in pages to pick from it’s something that will attract more and more subscribers and grow your online business.

AND… if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the listbuilding tools page here.

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