How to make $100 for a day’s work online


Sometimes you just need an extra hundred bucks. Here’s a recipe I cooked up to help you out… It’ll take about a day, but it does work.

Check out the recipe here…

1. Fast First Fifty

This strategy will put $50 in your PayPal within 24 hours. The instructions for this step are found over here. Just watch the quick video on that page and you’ll know what to do.

Time to complete: They say that 3 out of 4 people who earn the Fast First Fifty do it in less than five hours. Some do it in less than two. I did it in around 5 hours.

Time to pay out: Within 24 hours (during business days).

How to make $50 online fast

2. Netspend 

The referral program for this pre-paid debit card pays out $20 when you activate your account and $20 for each referral you bring in after that. Everyone should be able to find at least one person to refer. That makes $40!

Time to complete: A few minutes to sign up online and order your card, 5-10 days for card to arrive, 4-5 days to verify your card.

Time to pay out: About two weeks to receive your sign-up bonus. Each of your referrals will take the same amount of time. As soon as their accounts are set-up, you’ll get $20.

Watch the video below for all the instructions. If you prefer to read them, go here.

3. The Square Cash App

UPDATE (Sept. 2015): Square Cash has changed recently and now will not release the $5 bonus until the app is used to send at least $50. I’ll be updating this strategy with an alternative method as soon as I can!

Idea: If you and a friend both get the app you can send $50 to them and have them agree to send it back. You’re not out $50 and you still get the $5 bonus.

UPDATE (Dec. 2015): ALTERNATIVE METHOD… Check out this new video where I tell you how to pop $10 into your PayPal in 24 hours or less. This is a lot easier than the Square Cash app and you can do it as many times as you want. Wish I’d heard about it a long time ago…

Back to the Square Cash instructions…

Download the app from the referral link, get 5 bucks. Tell a friend, get 5 bucks. Easy.

All the instructions are in the videos… If you prefer to read the instructions go here.

Time to complete: 5-10 minutes to download the app and sync your bank account.

Time to pay out: 3-5 days to see your first $5. Each referral takes about 3-5 days for the $5 to show up in your account.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT download the app if you want to get the $5. You must be invited by someone else. Please WATCH both videos below and follow the instructions carefully.

*To request a referral link, text “5 Bucks” to this number: 253-244-5228 – I usually get back to people real quick, but… it might take a little while if I’m asleep!

2015 Square Cash Update (don’t skip this…)

That’s it! If you get to work on these steps you should be able to complete them within a day. Sure, you’re not getting paid the full $100 immediately but… you’ll at least get half of it. And you’ll have set the wheels in motion to see the rest within two weeks. After that you can keep doing these strategies over and over!

***Strategy #1 is only available in the U.S., Canada & U.K., Strategies #2 and #3 only work in the U.S.


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  1. Do these kind of tricks apply to people who don’t live in the US aswell?

    • Sorry, none of these strategies work outside of the U.S. I’ll add that to the post to make it more clear. I’ve been meaning to do more research on strategies that other countries can use. The few I’ve found so far just don’t pay out as well as the ones in the U.S. (and some in Canada). I did hear about this one the other day, though: http://interwrk.com/ – I think you can make a dollar a day with it. Not much, but I thought I’d mention it.

      Until I find more to recommend… my advice would be to start an email list, build a relationship with the subscribers and promote affiliate offers to it (from JVZoo, ClickBank, etc.). Then you can market to people all over the world. This is a long term strategy that will be more valuable to you than these smaller “beer money” opportunities. There are several posts on this blog about email marketing that might help :). Another thing you might want to look into is Fiverr.com – you’ve got me thinking now… maybe I’ll write a new post about this!

      • thanks man. i understand tha you want to cater to your subscribers outside of the US aswell, but i don’t blame you for anything because even with the little things you can still help out a lot. and a buck a day is still more than no buck a day!

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