Leverage Your Learning to Create Massive Amounts of Content


When you have somewhere to share online you can leverage your learning and get moving towards your goal much faster than you might have thought. Learn more in the video below…


Today I decided I finally needed to break

down and tackle something I have been

meaning to do for a little while.


At the risk of sounding like a complete

know-nothing about websites, I’ll tell you what

it was.


I needed to figure out how to add a clickable

link to my “About the Author” bio box.


Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? And, the

thing is, with each one of these little things

I learn I get that much closer to “goo-roo” status (heh heh).

The cool thing is that you can leverage your learning

when you have a blog. See, I did a quick Google

search to find out how to do that simple task.


I did it.


And then I shot a quick screen capture video of how

I did it. Instantly making me appear an expert to the

ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!


No one will ever have to know (except you, dear reader)

that I’m only 5 minutes smarter than they are (that’s how

long it took me to figure out how to do that task).


There’s no need to wait until you know everything

to get going in internet business (or in anything, for that matter).


Just get going. You’ll learn as you go.


Internet marketing is perhaps one of the most flexible

and forgiving fields to take a shot at something with that

I’ve experienced.


You can learn something and immediately turn it into



That content will sit online ’til kingdom come and you

might not even be able to turn it off in some instances.


Those videos you made will continue to teach / sell /

communicate with people all over the world no matter

what you’re doing.


You recorded it once and it continues to work for you.




Now that’s smart.


Next time someone asks me, “Gabe, how do I _______?”

I’ll just say, “Well, as a matter of fact, I made a video

that teaches exactly that. Go here.”


And then I’ll never have to talk to anyone ever again.


Just kidding.


But, I will be able to help A LOT more people.


So, think about what kind of value you could add to the

world with a blog. You don’t even need to know how.

You just need to be willing to share and to help others.


The rest comes as you start taking action.

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