Overcoming Perfectionism and Taking Action as an Internet Marketer


A lot of people who get started with Internet marketing (or just about any other self-guided learning of a new skill) get frustrated by things pretty quickly and give up before they barely get started.

You’ve seen the ghost town websites and twitter accounts that haven’t been used for years, right?

One of the reasons for this is something I’ve been fighting for years.


There are so many things to learn and putting something out there online for all the world to see is kind of nerve-wracking for a perfectionist.

You think, “It has to be just right before I put it out there.”

But, more often than not, that kind of thinking results in putting out inconsistent amounts of work, you get discouraged and you end up quitting or “taking a break.”

I’ve learned it’s best to live by the “Ready, Fire, Aim” philosophy.

Get stuff done. It’s okay to strive for excellence but don’t let that slow you down. Get your blog post or video (or whatever) done as soon as you can with the knowledge that you can fix it up later.

Something is better than nothing.

You’ve got to get some momentum going or you’ll never get moving.

I’ve found that it’s pretty hard to steer a parked car – but once you’re moving (no matter the direction) it becomes so much easier to get somewhere. I know, this is brilliant stuff I’m talking about here.

See, once you get moving – even if you’re going in the wrong direction – it’s no problem to just turn the wheel and within seconds you’ll be headed the right way.

You can adjust when you’re moving.

The bottom line is to do away with inaction and tweaking things until it’s “just right.”

Start moving and learn as you go.

I’ve found one of the best ways to cure my inaction and “excusitis” is to work alongside a group of others who are on a similar path. I found that in The Mastermind Partner Program. If you’re pursuing internet marketing, I highly recommend checking it out.

What have you found that helps you battle the evil enemy of perfectionism?


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