Playing Crossy Road vs. Making Moolah


crossy road versus making moolah

If you could see the face that stares at you from the other side of this screen your opinion of me might lower a few notches.

Bed-head, wrinkly pajamas, yet-to-be-brushed mouth… with breath that’d make you flinch.

Usually I roll out of bed and go straight to the shower, but today the writing juices were flowing so I sat down at the keys.

I don’t have to look presentable for a blog post… I just have to write. And a lot of the time my brain is sharpest when I just wake up.

Seize those moments, my friends. Know when your “Golden Hours” are. Those times when you’re firing on all 8 cylinders and can just get stuff done.

Don’t let yourself think “Oh… I’ve got a full day ahead of me… It won’t hurt to just watch a few stand-up videos on YouTube… play a round of Words With Friends or Crossy Road.” Or whatever your distractors tend to be.

Instead of messing around with those time suckers…

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It’s on a dime sale right now.

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