Ready, Fire, Aim (Destroying the Nasty Roots of Perfectionism)


One of the main reasons I started this blog was to apply the ready, fire, aim philosophy.  That’s where you just start taking action and producing and then deal with any fixes later.  The main thing is taking action.

The phrase comes from a book called Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson.  I haven’t even read it but I’ve heard people talk about it a lot.  I will read it soon but the phrase “ready, fire, aim” pretty much says what I need to know right now.

You see, for years I’ve struggled with perfectionism.  It hinders me everywhere I turn.  I feel I have to do something perfectly and because of that I see it as pointless to even start.

Now, I have done many things in my life but so many times it’s like pulling teeth and it always seems to take me a lot longer to accomplish tasks that others do much faster.  I can say that when I do complete something the finished product is pretty darn good but, you see, it’s never good enough for a perfectionist.

A perfectionist is rarely happy with what they do – it could always be better.

What is perfectionism? Well, it’s rooted in fear.  Fear that I’ll make a mistake.  Fear that I’ll disappoint someone.  Fear of what someone will think of me.

I believe I’m going to turn the corner on this thing for good.  I’m learning a lot through my entrepreneurial tasks and this thing called The Freedom Class at my church.

There’s a verse I love in 1 John that says “perfect love casts out fear.”  It’s a powerful thing to know that I’m loved with a perfect love.

Even with knowledge of that love, I have to intentionally walk in the opposite direction of my fear in practical ways.  Each time I post something is one more step in the process of walking away from perfectionism & fear.

Most of you won’t even notice the things that I agonize over but just know that each post I put out there is one more step in the freedom process.  So, I apologize in advance for any kinks in the system.  They’ll get worked out in time.  The main thing is I hope you see my heart with it all.

I have watched many internet marketers walking out the ready, fire, aim way of doing things. They slap together a website, slap together a webinar presentation and some emails and bam! They’re off!  Frequently these items have kinks all through them – misspellings, bad grammar, etc. – but the absolute essential points in the process are there.  And you know what?  They make good money with those systems.  A lot more money than someone who spends a year agonizing over a website and can’t post to their blog regularly.

I am not advocating for shoddy work, but sometimes you have to accept that good enough is good enough.  I’m trying to do that.

What’s your experience with perfectionism been like? How are you overcoming it?


photo credit: wstryder (creative commons)


  1. very very cool Gabe – happy for you!


  2. Hey Gabe,

    This is great and you are an inspiration to me!!


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