The Dosh App Review – How to Make a Quick 15 Bucks (over and over and over…)


Dosh is a really cool app that gives you cash back when shopping at participating stores.

Sure, it has a weird name (Dosh… really??) but it’s actually quite well done and has some major backing behind it. This company is making a move to change the way we shop.

Dosh App

So far there’s 100,000 stores/restaurants/hotels involved… WalMart, Denny’s, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s etc. etc. etc.

Usually it’s a hassle to save receipts, enter promo codes and stuff to get cash back with deals like these but not with Dosh.

Just shop like you normally do and it loads cash into your account.


AND… they’re running a VERY nice referral promotion right now.

Check this out…

When you download and set up the app with your info… you get $5 right away.

Then, when you share it with others and they do the same… you get FIFTEEN BUCKS.

If you’ve ever done these sorts of things before, you know that’s reallllly good.

It’s also probably why they’re only doing this promotion until Dec. 31st, 2017.

So you best get on this thing quick!

I’ve got friends who have already pulled in a few hundred bucks and I’m kicking myself that I missed hearing about this until now.

UPDATE (1/6/18): Dosh is doing the $15 referral again! From 1/7/18 – 1/21/18

Dosh App Referral Program

SO… Tell me more about the Dosh app, Gabe!

Sure thing.

Dosh is similar to what sites like Ibotta, Dubli or Ebates do – getting you cash back on stuff you buy at participating businesses.

Except Dosh makes the process of getting the cash back SO much easier.

Because your debit / credit cards are linked to your Dosh account, they automatically register when you spend money at a participating business.

No more taking pictures of your receipts, entering codes into the website and then waiting forever to see if your info registered in the system.

For example, Denny’s, Quiznos and Jiffy Lube are offering 10% cash back, Forever 21: 5%, Cost Plus: 2%

The biggest savings you’ll find is with booking hotels. It’s really pretty amazing. As in cutting your bill almost in half – amazing.   

Dosh App Companies

So will my info be safe?

Yes. Here’s what you’ll see in the app…

Dosh App Protection

Okay, sounds good! How do I sign up?


2. Enter your info and connect your debit/credit card. Then they drop 5 bucks into your Dosh account. You get a dollar for each additional card you add. You may add an unlimited number of cards.

**UPDATE: In order to complete the registration process, users need to sign up and click “Resend Code.”

**UPDATE (12/22/17): Prepaid cards are no longer accepted in the app. Dosh accepts bank-issued Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. Their website says they will continue to evaluate how they can incorporate prepaid cards on the platform in the future.

**Users must have a US-based (non-VoIP) phone number

3. Make sure to verify your email address by clicking the link they send you via email.

4. Share your link and start earning 15 bucks each time someone does the same!

*This promotion is only from 1/7/18 – 1/21/18. After that they’re giving $5 per referral. 

Dosh App Cash Back Bonus

So When Do I Get PAID???

When you refer someone to Dosh with your unique link it takes 48 hours for your earnings to show up in your account. I’ve seen it happen in 15 hours but it can vary.

You can cash out once your account reaches $15. Transfer your earnings to PayPal or your bank account.

Bank transfers can take up to 2-5 business days (excluding holidays) to fully post in your account, larger amounts may take up to 5 business days.

You will receive funds from Cash Flow Solutions, Inc.

So, DOWNLOAD THE APP… get it set up in just a few minutes and start referring others so you can cash in on this sweeeet promotion that’s going on. I’ve already made $52.00 :).

UPDATE (1/16/18): I’ve made $502.00  – I don’t usually use the phrase “easy money” but that was easy! 

Dosh App Payment Proof Pic

Usually they give 5 bucks for referrals (which is good) but FIFTEEN???

Come on now…

Time to get excited and make some extra cash!

Check out the screencast of me actually getting paid by Dosh below (minute 6:35)


  1. This is a great informative post, and I love the app!

  2. I’m referring but its not showing me that ive earned. It started doing this after I transferred my funds to my PayPal… Or keep saying 0.00 in My dosh wallet now

    • Hi Randy, I highly recommend going to the Dosh Facebook page. They are very active in there answering questions and also posting every day. People are having different issues like what you’re talking about. It’s mostly because they’re experiencing such a high volume of traffic during this promotion. They are on top of it, though. You can submit a support ticket from within the app… but I would go through the facebook page and see if you can find your answer there first. In my experience, there may be delays sometimes but if you give it some time it’ll get sorted out. Good luck!

    • Are you sure the people you are referring are linking their credit cards? If not you will not be get paid. You can check that out by clickin on the HOME key at the bottom and scroll down. There it will list all the people that you referred and tell you if they linked their card. The same thing happened to me. My referrals were not linking the cards at first. I hope this helps

      • Thanks for mentioning this, Adesha. I don’t think this feature was there when I wrote this post. Sometimes it takes a few days for my sign ups to connect their cards but I haven’t had many that didn’t complete the set-up process.

  3. I added 2 cards and still have not received my money

    • Hi Tracey, Does it show that you’ve earned the money in your Dosh account? It should register that right away in the app. When you have $15 earned in the app, you can cash out. Since so many people are using the app (it just reached #1 in its category in the app store) it’s taking a bit longer sometimes to get paid out. Sometimes I request a payout and get it right away and sometimes it takes a few days. But I’ve ALWAYS been paid. One time I had to submit a ticket because it had taken about 5 days and they took care of me. If you’re having an issue, give it a few days and if nothing has happened go ahead and submit a ticket. Dosh has a very active Facebook page if you want to check that out. They share details on how things are going, etc. Good luck!

  4. I cannot find my link to refer anyone. All I see is to refer a business. I checked my profile and nothing.

  5. I have been doing this for a week now and I still only have five dollars in my wallet? Starting to get very pissed off where is my so called money?

    • Hi Hunter, The 5 bucks is probably from when you entered your card in the app. You get more when you refer others to the app with your link. Have you shared it with anyone? You get even more when your sign-ups start shopping at the stores listed in the app. 5 bucks more each time!

  6. I transferred to my PayPal account and it said transaction was covered but it is not in my account and when I go to my dosh app it still shows the money in my wallet. What do I do?

    • Hi Jill, I would give it a day or two and see if it gets sorted out. After that I’d recommend sending a support ticket to Dosh. They’ll take care of you. I’ve had a few different things like this happen and they’ve always paid me out in full.

  7. Hello! do i need to download apk? or direct to playstore?

  8. So, if I link my paypal account to Dosh and I have 2 bank cards attached to my PayPal, when I use either of those cards to shop, will it give me cash back or do I have to link my actual card to Dosh that is being used for purchases to get cash back?

    • It’s best to just link every card that you use to shop with. Whatever card you’re swiping at a store with is the one that has to be connected to the app. I connected as many cards as I could find in my wallet because you get $1 extra for each card :).

  9. It’s been 3 business days and I’m still waiting on my 2 referrals. I should have $30 and it’s still saying zero. They connected a card so what’s the hold up? I need my money.

    • Hi Makayla, I know… sometimes it takes longer than others. I just got paid today after waiting a few days. I would give it 1-2 more days and then send them a support ticket. Sometimes you can get some info on how things are going from their Facebook page. There’s a TON of people overloading the system right now because of the $15 promotion but they’ve always paid me.

  10. Thanks! Mr. Turner your answers helps me a lot… i’m enjoying the benefits of this app so far everything is Ok! :)

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