The Funniest People on Twitter


I’ve been getting more into twitter lately.

Mainly because I’ve been finding so many hilarious people on there.

I created a few lists of tweeters that you HAVE to check out.

I’m not just talking about the famous funny people you’d think of (although there are a few of those on there). You’d be amazed at how many no-names are flat-out pee your pants funny. Whenever I need a laugh, I whip out my phone and scroll through these lists.

It never fails.

I’ve always loved comedy… Who doesn’t love to laugh?

The trick is to use it in your marketing. When people are smiling or laughing, they’ll be more open to what you have to say.

It grabs their attention.

It makes them want to listen to you.

Did you ever have a funny teacher? My guess is you learned more from that one than the monotone bore down the hall.

Everybody loves funny commercials, too.

This GE commercial with Jeff Goldblum sold me on only using their lightbulbs for the rest of my life.

Anyone who can put out an ad that good deserves my cash.

I’m not saying that you have to strive to be some kind of comedian. I don’t consider myself that funny. But it’s good to sprinkle some humor into your emails, ads, websites & whatnot. Going to my twitter lists helps get me in “the funny mood.”

Check out my funny twitter list here.

Those who impress me the most graduate to the funniest list here.


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