The Most Important Word Ever


Nothing good in life comes without determination, drive, persistence, perseverance and hard work…

The perfect word that sums all those up is HUSTLE.

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Life is like going the wrong way on a moving walkway. Stand still and you go backwards. Walk and you stay put. Gotta hustle to get ahead. -Peter Farrelly

I think the fear of losing trumps the excitement of winning for so many people. -Gary V

Your talent isn’t enough. You’ve got to go put in the work. And the fact of the matter is we’re at a time and in a generation that’s not willing to do that. -Gary V

*Language NSFW

I very much think that my success is a product of some level of skill but I do think I win because I outwork people. -Gary V

*Language NSFW

Your biggest advantage is that you’re hungrier than your competitor… If you’re not applying your one advantage, which is your work ethic and the hours that you have to put in to your business… well, then, you’re gonna come up short. -Gary V

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