Why you don’t need a big list to make an impact online


A lot of people in the “make money online” world groan about how small their list is. They think they need a massive list in order to start making an income.


“You don’t need a big list to make a big impact.”

That’s what Jeff Walker says.  Jeff is the creator of the Product Launch Formula & has been a massively successful online marketer for years. He’s coached or helped experts like Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy and dozens more marketing “gurus.”

But he started at the bottom just like everyone else.

Jeff started with a list of 19 people. I think I remember hearing that even some of them were his personal friends.

He had a tiny list but he started emailing them regularly and it grew…

Check out what he had to say to someone who was ready to throw in the towel because they didn’t have a 5,000 person list. There are some key insights in this video so listen closely.

“You don’t need a big list to make a big impact. One of the rules of lists is that smaller lists are more responsive on a percentage basis.

When you have 100,000 person list, it’s not 10 times as responsive as a 10,000 person list.  

A 10,000 person list is not 10 times as responsive as a 1,000 person list.

A 1,000 person list is not ten times as responsive as a 100 person list.

Those first few hundred subscribers will be your most responsive. I don’t know why this is, it’s just a law of the universe. Everyone who’s in any type of direct marketing knows this.

Say you add 3 subscribers a day…

that’s 90 subscribers a month…

270 subscribers within 3 months…

With a 270 person list you could literally make thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. So don’t sit there and think ‘that I need to have this massive list before I can get started.’

I had a list of 300 people. I did a launch that was almost $30,000 and that was not a buyers list, that was a prospect list – people that had never given me any money before… it was tightly targeted, it was in a niche and I did a $30,000 launch. And it wasn’t because I’m some magical person, it was because I had a relationship with them.”


So, get out there and start building your list! It’s quite possibly the most important thing that you can do with your time as a marketer.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at now, you’ve got to start somewhere.


To get you going, apply the steps in this free ebook that teaches you how to grow your email list from 1 to 1,000 subscribers in 30 days. 

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