How NOT to market your home business on Facebook


A lot of people in the home business industry are shooting themselves in the foot every day on Facebook and don’t even know it… and wondering why they’re not getting any results.

Marketing your business on Facebook really has more to do with your relationship skills than anything else. People don’t join companies, they join people. It makes a world of difference to your marketing when you simply focus on being an awesome person.

I’m sure I may have left some things off the list, if you can think of any suggestions to add please leave a comment!


Ultimately, you want to get people who have expressed interest in your opportunity onto your email list. Email is the place where the prospect gives you permission to share more about your business and you can continue to build the connection with them over time. It’s also¬†way more efficient… instead of messaging people individually on facebook all day, take time to write one value-packed email and send it to everyone at once!

Go here to get started building your email list.


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