The Funniest Tweets From Apple Keynote 2014

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How did I decide on these tweets? Glad you asked. I take a bit of pride in my curated funny twitter lists. Feel free to inspect them…

The Funny List – A catch-all list for those who impress me.

The Funniest List – An exclusive list for those who really impress me. My standards? Basically, consistency and relative cleanliness.  If you ever need to LOL – you’re guaranteed to get yours here.

Yes, I know, there were other funny tweets today… Post your faves in the comments if you like.

*** @Oatmeal’s tweets were hilarious but didn’t quite meet my “family-friendly” blog standards. Non family-friendly people can check them out here.

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  1. Thanks Gabe, I enjoyed that.

    I was more or less in my cave yesterday but did hear something about a new phone ;)

    I just love Ellen.

    Looking forward to checking out your other lists!

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