My Crazy Two-Dollar Bill Giveaway


I saw a guy in a store once pull out two huge bricks of two dollar bills and lay them on the counter.

He carried them in a little over-the-shoulder satchel… or man-purse, if you will.

And he paid for 40 bucks of gas… all with two dollar bills.

It took a while to count out… but it was kinda cool.

Nobody else does that, right?

I asked him how much those bricks of twos amounted to and he said around 3 – 4,000 bucks.


2 dollar bill

He said that he doesn’t like how money is so dirty…

But two dollar bills aren’t used by as many people so they’re cleaner.

Makes sense, I guess.

He also said he just likes ’em and it gives him a little chuckle when he pays with twos.

I got to thinking…

Maybe it’s time for me to do something out-of-the box?

Something to make the quirky two-dollar-bill / man-purse dude proud.

So I decided to give away some two-dollar bills.

Watch my latest video and find out how to get one. (The giveaway is at minute 1:59.)

CLICK HERE to see my original post with all the NetSpend instructions.

OR… Just click here to get started!

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