How to get paid from a tweet


Can you imagine making 11K with a tweet?

I was cruising the town in my mini-van a few years back, listening to a podcast (like I always do when not riding with other humans)… and I heard how Jeremy Frandsen (from Internet Business Mastery) made $11,000.00 with a freakin’ tweet.

How to make money with a tweet


That inspired me to start a few extra accounts to ramp up my twitter empire.

I focused on it for a while [and built them up to a semi-decent size] but lost interest after seeing how much dedication and focus it was going to take.

Everybody wants it to be easy, right?

Yeah, me too. (I’m getting over that, though.)

If I had continued to focus on my twitter accounts maybe things would have looked differently…


Being the distractible guy that I am… I would leave the accounts dormant for weeks at a time, not engaging, tweeting or doing anything with them.

But lately I’ve been jumping in there a bit more. Usually when I’m “takin’ care of business” in the John. [I’ll be in there so long my family starts to wonder, “Where IS he?”]

Recently I picked this course up (’cause it was recommended by a trusted friend)… I liked it and decided to see what would happen if I tweeted my affiliate link…

How to get paid from a tweet

It wasn’t until a week later that I realized I got a sale from it! I had tweeted other offers over the years with no success so I did not expect anything to happen.
It wasn’t 11K…More like $7, but hey… it’s a start, right?
There’s a lesson in there…

The right offer will get the job done.


As long as you’ve got some kind of audience to talk to (and hopefully they listen to you)…

When you promote the right offer you almost can’t help but make sales.

If you have something that people are hungry for, they’ll buy.

The trick is finding that offer.

This one worked for me.

I think I’ll be tweeting some more…


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