Internet Marketing Gold: The Swipe-Worthy Online Swipe-File


Can you imagine making millions of bucks from a freaking ad in a magazine? An email? A page on your website?

It’s beautiful…

Write Words… Get Paid.

While one person can write words and hear nothing but crickets…

Another can put words together in such a way that the masses will take action.

Open up their wallets…

and BUY.

Ya think the latter group knows something about putting words together?

Would you like to figure out HOW those words got the results they did?

It can be done.

Copywriting (the art of salesmanship in print) can be scientifically analyzed… and that data can be used to your advantage.

That’s why I love Swipe-Worthy (swiped.co).

It’s an online “swipe-file” (a crap-ton of successful ads in one place) with expert analysis of why those ads won.

Whether you’re trying to get your Facebook ads to work, writing marketing emails or tweaking your website, Swipe-Worthy will be an inspiration for you.

You can see how the masters did it first and then imitate them.

I liked it so much I made a website review video… Even if you don’t consider yourself a copywriter/writer (yet), you might be surprised to browse these pages to get a peak behind the curtain of how advertising really works. Check it out below… Or just go explore the site for yourself.


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